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Who we are

The Word Up! News Team

Jason of Word Up! News

Jason Samuels

aka The Boss

Since joining the Word Up! group has learned a lot in particular his understanding of people with various types of learning difficulties.

Very much looks forward to the web based format of Word Up! and thinks Hannah (past loved volunteer) would be proud.

Brian of Word Up! News

Brian Easton

aka The Life of Brian

Brian, aged 77, a fond lover of Custard Creams is the story teller of the group. Drawing from a vast life experience including various jobs including working at Oxfam, ASDA, a butcher & road sweeper.

He loves coming to the meetings and contributing.

Caroline of Word Up! News

Caroline Ogundeji

aka Healthy Caroline

Loves working on the Newspaper and takes a particular interest in Health topics.

Is currently involved in a number of other charitable projects and a budding actress having appeared in the production “Reaching the stars” and “Baked Beans”.

William AndrewsWilliam Andrews

aka Record Breaker

William enjoys coming along to the Word Up! meetings and has a particular interest in Men’s Health.

William is looking forward to the online version of Word Up! and to contributing articles related on Men’s Health.

Friends of Word Up!

Delia friends of Word Up!

Delia Fitzsimmons

Volunteer Co-ordinator, WCA

Delia works for Wandsworth Care Alliance as a Volunteer Co-ordinator and has been involved in the Word Up project since October 2012 in a supportive capacity.

She really enjoys working with the Word Up! group and helping them to realise their goals. Everyone is really friendly, positive and passionate in making Word Up! grow.

David friends of Word Up!

David Peers

Outsource Worker, WCA

I have been running a project for Wandsworth LINk to help groups like Word Up!. In 2012 we were able to award a £2,000 grant to the group to make the publication more effective and give a voice to people with learning difficulties.

I wish Word Up’s new website all the best & hope you reach lots of new people with your stories and news.

Jackie, friends of Word Up!

Jackie Brown

University of Roehampton

A lecturer at the University of Roehampton in the Department of Social Sciences has been involved in Word Up! From the beginning.

Always makes her happy to come to group meetings, days out & to see those involved creating new friendships, increase in confidence and have new experiences.

Hannah, friends of Word Up!

Hannah Baker

Wandsworth Care Alliance

Hannah was instrumental in getting Word Up! started. When Hannah was Project Manager on the Learning Disability Project at Wandsworth Care Alliance, she discovered that there was a need for a newspaper for people with Learning Difficulties – an Independent Service that was user led, where people could have their say.

Hannah put in a lot of her time, often voluntary, to develop the project and make Word Up! happen and to keep it going.

Tomek, friend of Word Up!


Sumobaby Digital

Works for Sumobaby Digital leading the digital strategy & implementation for Word Up! since the start of 2013.

With such big changes in place is looking forward to seeing greater recognition to the hard work put in by a wonderful group of members and volunteers/’friends’.

Jimmy Johnson, friend of Word Up!

Jimmy Johnson

Original editor

Jimmy Johnson was one of the original editors of Word Up, alongside a team of 14 volunteers with learning disabilities who contributed to the publication.

Jimmy said “we created the newspaper because people need to know more about what’s happening in Wandsworth.”

Tom Harrison, friend of Word Up!

Tom Harrison

Wandsworth Care Alliance

Tom was recruited through the London Innovation Placement scheme, to work with Wandsworth Care Alliance (WCA) on a project to set up a picture bank and newspaper for people with learning difficulties. Tom’s role was to “find ways to transform the newspaper as a concept into a reality.” Tom worked alongside Jimmy Johnson and other service users with learning difficulties to create what is now known as Word Up!

Jason Edgington, friends of Word Up!

Jason Edgington

Wandsworth Care Alliance

Jason is the Director of Wandsworth Care Alliance and worked with Tom Harrison and Hannah Baker to help get Word Up! started and since then has provided some WCA resources in the form of charitable funds, support and time.

Jason said “I think Word Up’s new online presence is an exciting prospect and I hope it enables them to reach out to a much greater audience and in turn that enables Word Up! to attract more Friends, more support and more resources in order to survive and grow…”