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About Us

Word Up! is about people with learning difficulties; their lives, views, opinions and achievements. It gives them a platform to express themselves and to educate others.

Brian reading a copy of the Word Up! NewspaperWord Up! is one of the few platforms throughout the borough of Wandsworth and beyond where people with learning difficulties can make their voices heard and share information with others. It provides an opportunity for people’s voices to be heard in a more diverse ways – it is Active, Constructive and Positive, taking actions where necessary to be heard!

Word Up’s presence online will enable Word Up! to realise it’s key aim to address social isolation amongst people with learning difficulties by providing an outlet for sharing experiences and fortifying a collective voice across Wandsworth and beyond.

Our aim and vision is to become a leading disability charity and to achieve the following;

  • Grow our membership.
  • Bring the views and concerns of people with learning difficulties to a wider audience.
  • Keep people with learning difficulties updated and informed with topics that affect them.
  • Provide a platform for people with learning difficulties to interact and eradicate social isolation.
  • Provide learning opportunities and develop skill for people with learning difficulties.
  • Expand our online presence and make our website an online interactive training tool.